Step 1: “Just take the first step.”

How does a millennial set herself up to be successful on her new quest to find wellness?

She buys a bullet journal, stickers, glitter, and fancy colored pens. Because tracking and holding myself accountable will only be fun if I get to bedazzle it. IMG_4816

The fact is that I am not historically good at maintaining habits – at least not ones in my personal life. I’m pretty good at starting them, but the second I feel a little under the weather or have to stay at work extra late, I decide I don’t have time for that thing, and then the whole project unravels.

This time though, I need the habits to stick. I need my health to get on track because I am tired of having to decrease the value of my life because I’m crashing from exhaustion. And if there is one thing I know will make this journey more fun, it is glitter and crafting.

My lofty ambitions want me to sign up for 14 yoga classes per week and join meditation circles every full moon. I want to go for sunrise nature walks and take early morning Pilates and naturally wake up at 5:00 AM filled with zen and rest. Problem is that yoga and Pilates memberships are expensive (I’ve also never taken Pilates). I go to bed at 9:30 PM and if I wake up any earlier than 7:00 AM I feel like a sloth.

So, I’m going to start gentle and take gradual but sustainable steps towards those habits. Maybe someday I will have a job and lifestyle that gives room to those things, but in order to get there, I have to start small.

Every day I am going to do the following:

    • Morning check-in: Every morning, before I hop out of bed, I am going to dial-up the soft glow of my Himalayan Salt Lamp, sit up, and take deep breaths for one minute and ground myself in the new day.
    • Evening meditation: Every night, I am going to pull out my meditation pillow, make sure my phone is on silent, and give myself the space to clear my mind, reflect, and center myself.
  • Journal: With my snazzy bullet journal I’ll be able to track this wellness journey and have a judgement free place to check-in with myself.

Having a morning check-in will hopefully slow down what is usually a frazzling experience. Typically, I snap awake, turn on my bedside lamp, crunch my eyes closed to avoid the unnatural light, and then jump out of bed. The morning rush starts in an instant and the next rest I get is when I get home 10-11 hours later.

At the end of the day I’m usually tired, a little aggravated, and a bit disenchanted. I usually grab a snack – rather than a meal – to subside the hunger I’ve ignored all day, march up to my room, collapse on my bed, and turn on Netflix (usually Gilmore Girls) to drown out the discontent that wants to overtake my mind.

It’s just not the way I want to be living, and my body has been giving me clear signs that it cannot continue this pattern.

My joyless day-to-day rituals are grating and it is time my days begin and end with some intention and gratitude. My hope is that by starting with attainable goals, I will build the momentum I need to achieve the complete wellness and balance by body and spirit have been craving (and I’ve been ignoring).

How do you motivate yourself in your wellness practice? I’d love to hear what other folks do to keep the balance.

I have a lot of faith that these small and simple steps will get me started on the right track. I’ve heard time and again that meditation and the practice of mindfulness can do wonders and heal the soul in profound ways.

I am in need of something profound. For awhile now, I’ve been numbing my senses by drowning out my dissatisfaction and health troubles with hours of mindless internet surfing, junk food, and binge-watching Netflix.

There is much to be done to get myself to a place of wellness, but, as Martin Luther King Jr. said: “You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.”

Here is to step one.

May it lead me down the path I’m seeking.

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