Kicking my bum into gear (with pancakes)

If it hasn’t already been made clear, let me set the record straight: I don’t really know what I’m doing. Which is why I am leaning on some of my favorite, most trusted leaders in health and wellness to lead the way.

As I mentioned 4 days ago, in addition to continuing my meditation practice, I am focusing more of my attention on my physical health. This week I’ve been working on eating more intentionally and exercising consistently. At this time, I don’t know a lot about nutrition and that lack of knowledge has led me to some inconsistent and unhealthy patterns. Also, like many women (and men), I have years of body shame and discomfort to wash away and I’d like to do so with some fun and positivity. That’s where Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott, the founders of Tone It Up, come in.

I first discovered Karena and Katrina’s fitness videos when I was senior in college and was too embarrassed to workout at the campus gym. I was self-conscious of my poor shape and did not want any of my peers to see me red-faced, gasping, and clutching at the arms of the treadmill to keep me from falling and richochetting across the room. I was by no means someone people noticed and did not feel that such an event would give me attention I may like.

Karena and Katrina’s videos, though, made me feel like I had personal trainers; two people who had my back, did not judge me, and wanted me to be my best self. The work-outs are typically pretty short, but man-oh-man, do they kick my butt. Whatsmore, Karena and Katrina have a talent for pep, a deep knowledge of physical fitness and nutrition, as well as an exuberance for coaching self-love.  

Unfortunately, though, I never really stuck to a regiment for a long period of time. Like many others, I got busy or decided that I wanted ice cream more than I wanted to do squats. However, I can no longer allow those excuses to hold power over me. Having the health issue I have (genetic disorder/mutation homozygous MTHFR C677T), I must give my body my very best if I want to keep my body from crashing.

When I was in the ER back in October, I knew I had to make a change and build lifelong healthy habits that will enable me I to live my best life, regardless of this genetic disorder. There are so many things I want to do but need a healthy body to do so. I want to paddle board Lake Tahoe, I have a mountain bike I’ve almost never used, I want to hike Machu Picchu, end my almost 15 year hiatus from skiing, I’d like to try rock climbing, go snowshoeing in Vermont, and go kayaking New Zealand’s Fiordland.

There is so much world out there and I don’t want my body and my health to be a limitation that keeps me from experiencing it. I also want to stay away from the ER.

To get my bum into gear, I’m turning to my Tone It Up membership and nutrition plan as well as the Tone It Up Studio App. Both of which have been created with absolute care and intention to help women achieve sustainable wellness and health.

I may not know what I’m doing, but the amazing team at Tone It Up does, and I’m excited and finally ready to take their advice.

My goals are simple: I want to eat healthy, clean foods that nourish my body and I want to engage in fun, energy boosting exercises that give my body the strength it needs to go on adventures and combat the chronic symptoms when they percolate up.

This morning, with my beautiful copy of the “Tone It Up Nutrition Plan”, I made the iconic Tone It Up pancakes with their Perfect Fit Protein. First of all, I finally learned how to flip a pancake – so victory is already mine (I did dance around my kitchen in celebration). Second, it was delicious and seriously uplifting to know I was eating something that was filled with ingredients that will set me up for an energized day.

The “Nutrition Plan” is filled with beautiful recipes that look amazing and I can’t wait to dig in. Just in limiting my sugar intake for the past three days, the aches in my head, neck, and shoulders have subsided – a miracle I am immeasurably grateful for.

In addition to following the guidance of the TIU nutrition plan, I’ve also been using the Studio App to follow the daily fitness lessons. I’m clearly not in fantastic shape as I haven’t exercised since my trip to the ER back in October and I’m still experiencing chronic symptoms. However, I find myself purely grateful for the effort and when I need to modify, slow down, or even stop, I hold no resentment or judgement.

I know there are days ahead of me where maintaining this journey and this effort will be more challenging. I have a strong lazy streak and there are days I will need to have some firm words with myself. However, I hope I can sustain the gratitude, the good intention, and powerful feeling of self-love I’ve begun to be filled by.

5 Comments on “Kicking my bum into gear (with pancakes)

    • Hi Madison, thanks for the comment! I’ve looked at Arbonne’s protein and I’m definitely intrigued by it. I was drawn to the TIU protein because I have their nutrition plan which obviously incorporates their powders into many of their meals, so it’s convenient that way and so far my very sensitive body has reacted well to it. What do you like about Arbonne’s protein?

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      • I like that its ingredients are some of the most natural I’ve seen and I haven’t had the digestive problems other proteins have given me. The ingredients they use are just pea protein isolate, cranberry protein, rice protein, sugar cane, sunflower oil, vanilla flavor, corn starch, inulin, xanthan gum, flax seed, stevia leaf extract, gum acacia, and guar gum.

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